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Daily Horoscope for meeting and picking up Thai GoGo Dancers and Bargirls. Here are my gogo bar tips for you guys planning your first trip to the gogo bars of Thailand. Some guys say don't try for the most beautiful girl as everyone wants her. I say it's your once in a lifetime fantasy so go for it. You can get an average looking girl anywhere. You're here for the best! Don't be cheap. So what if that hot girl in Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza wants 500 or 1000 Baht more? Back home a girl like that would cost you 5 times as much if you could find one! Do check your bar tab after every drink just to be sure. Don't get drunk. You can do that back home too. Focus on finding a girl of your dreams! Give your waitress a good tip too. If you go back to the same bar in Soi Cowboy several times you do want good service don't you? You can ask one of the managers or mamasan which girl at Nana Plaza might speak English. Buy her a drink or 2 and ask her about the other girls you have an interest in. It worked for me and I was always able to find out who the newest girls were. Girls that had just started dancing that day or within a few weeks. Why settle for a hardcore bargirl that's been dancing for years when you can find a young, shy, beautiful girl of your dreams? Don't be afraid to barfine 2 bar girls if you can't decide. In Thailands gogo bars you can make your fantasy reality. Keep your sense of humor, smile and have the adventure of a lifetime! More links: Bar Tips - Cheap Places to Eat - Discos - Sidewalk Bars Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and reviews of Thailand GoGo Bars, Discos and Massage Shops!