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After you leave the gogo’s and the regular bars close you can still get a cold beer at a sidewalk bar on Sukhumvit between Soi 11 all the way to Asoke and Soi Cowboy literally all night long and until the sun comes up! Daily Horoscope for meeting and picking up Thai GoGo Dancers and Bargirls. These sidewalk bars replace the vendors selling t-shirts at night (well some of them) and stay open literally all night serving food and drink until  6 a.m!!! Now let me say it's dark along this sidewalk at night. These sidewalk bars employ anywhere from 2 to 6 girls to get guys to drink at the bars. Some of the girls that work these sidewalk bars won’t go back to your hotel. They work there part time just to get guys to drink beer and of course buy lady drinks. Other girls are good to go. You won’t find any stunners here guys. A couple of cute ones every now and then but also some very hardcore girls so be careful. I’ve even met some girls working as freelancers at beer carts on Asoke that work st the gogo bars in Soi Cowboy! When in Bangkok I often have beers and chat with the girls at several of these sidewalk bars although I’ve never had the nerve to ask one back to the hotel. More links: Bar Tips - Cheap Places to Eat - Discos - Sidewalk Bars Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and reviews of Thailand GoGo Bars, Discos and Massage Shops!