Long Gun in Soi Cowboy is located near Sukhumvit Road between Soi Asoke and Soi 23. Bangkok After Hours gives you Soi Cowboy  bar girls and entertainment  information.  Learn about the after hours fun in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand. We give you accurate Soi Cowboy info and reviews of the best bars in Bangkok where you can find the hottest bar go go girls!

One of the oldest and often mentioned bars at Soi Cowboy is the Long Gun - Lucky Star bar. Well having been there I got to tell you it's highly over rated. Older (mid 20's) and less attractive ladies seem to work here.  I visited Long Gun bara few times just to see who was dancing and I can tell you that there wasn't even one dancer in the place that I was interested in barfining. Maybe a good place for the ugly guys that can't get anywhere with the cuties at Baccara. If you're a half way decent looking guy and you're not as fat as a cow than you can do much better.

On the other hand if you like your girls a little bigger and not as cute then maybe Long Gun is just the place for you! Worth a quick look but I wouldn't stay long enough for a beer myself.

Long Gun - Lucky Star

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