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The best Thai GoGo bars with hot Thai girls in Pattaya can be found dancing in the gogo clubs in Soi Diamond on Walking Street and Pattayaland 2. Daily Horoscope for meeting and picking up Thai GoGo Dancers and Bargirls. My favorite go go bars are located on or near the famous Walking Street (Beach Road). At night a section gets shuts down to cars hence the name Walking Street. It's part carnival and part circus so hang on tight and have a wild time! One more thing is stay on the sidewalk near the buildings not the opposite sidewalk near the beach. Although the sidewalk near the beach is less crowded you'll have to work your way through a large group of hardcore working girls. My other favorite place in Pattaya are the gogo bars on Pattayaland 2. You don’t want to miss these!!! Pattaya Beer Bars  Pattayaland 1 and 2 GoGo Bars  Walking Street GoGo Bars   Fetish GoGo’s   Pattaya Hotel Info   Pattaya Ladyboy GoGo & Cabaret   Pattaya Massage   Pattaya Places to Eat Pattaya Sidewalk Bars   Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and reviews of Thailand GoGo Bars, Discos and Massage Shops!