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The best go go bars in
Pattaya can be found on
Walking Street.

My personal favorites are
Super Baby A-gogo and
Club Boesche.  Lot's of
hot, young and beautiful
girls many of which have
only been dancing a few
weeks. Got to love those
fresh faces!

One night I barfined 4 girls
Super Baby to take
to the short time hotel
upstairs.  I just couldn't
decide on 1 or 2 girls! You
should have seen the grin
the doorman gave me
when I walked out with 4
girls! haha..

Get there early guys as
the Japanese tourists love
this place and they don't
waste any time picking a

Walking Street Go Go's with websites:
Heaven Above - Soi Diamond
Living Dolls Showcase - Check it out! Great girls!
Paris Super Agogo - Soi Diamond - Very Hot Girls!
Shark Club Table Dancing - Very, Very Hot Girls! Recommended!
Super Baby Agogo - Soi Diamond - Voted Number 1 Go Go!!! HOT!
Super Girl - Soi Diamond
Tahitian Queen 2 - Walking Street
There are more gogo's, these are just some of the places to start!
Pattaya GoGo Bars Info and  More!
Email me to trade links!
Catz - Soi 16, Walking Street
Classroom - Soi 13/4
Club Boesche - (Check out the lesbian jacuzzi show!) HOT!
Club Electric Blue - Soi Diamond (Lot's of girls.)
Coyotee Agogo - Marine Plaza - Soi Lucky Star
Dollhouse Agogo - Marine Disco Building
What's Up Agogo - Soi 15
Windmill Club Agogo - Soi Diamond