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Daily Horoscope for meeting and picking up Thai GoGo Dancers and Bargirls. The beer bars in Pattaya are simply too numerous to mention them all and others come and go so quickly that it’s simply too time consuming to keep track of them. It’s easier to tell you where to go to find some of the best beer bars in Pattaya. One beer bar I do recommend you visit if you can is the Buffalo Bar on Third Road. Head to any of these Soi’s and streets for all the beer bars and cute Thai bar girls that you could ever dream of Soi 2 Soi 6 - Bars Soi 7 - Bars Soi 8 Soi 15 Soi DIamond Walking Street - Bars                                   Main Links Page for Pattaya Bars & Info Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and reviews of Thailand GoGo Bars, Discos and Massage Shops!                                Pattaya Bar Girl - Me Luv U Long Time - T-Shirt Extra Large & XX Large Sizes Available