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Daily Horoscope for meeting and picking up Thai GoGo Dancers and Bargirls. Pattaya City is located on the eastern shores of the Gulf of Thailand. You can choose from dozens of 5 star hotels, love hotels with mood lighting to short time hotels and apartments near the after hours nightlife of Soi 6, Pattayaland 1 & 2, Soi 15  or Soi Diamond on Walking Street. If you plan on going for the nightlife in a particular area then it only makes sense to book a hotel that’s a short walk to the nightlife entertainment that you’re interested in each night. Some hotels will have you pay a joiners fee (typically up to 500 baht) for each guest you bring back to the hotel. Short time hotels near Walking Street typically won’t ask you to pay a joiners fee. Service apartments is another choice any my personal favorite option as they don’t ask for joiners fee’s as you’re renting an apartment you’ve got more freedom in bringing back guests especially if you want to bring 2 guests at once. Here are 3 hotels to consider that will link you to many more in a variety of mid to upper price ranges. Citin Loft Plaza - Central Pattaya close to Pattaya Beach. Mid price hotel. Siam Bayshore Resort - A four star hotel on Pattaya Beach if you want to go first class. Sunshine Hotel & Residences - Soi 8 A great mid price choice if you plan on spending a lot of time in the Soi 6 short time bars! Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and reviews of Thailand GoGo Bars, Discos and Massage Shops!                                Pattaya Bar Girl - Me Luv U Long Time - T-Shirt Extra Large & XX Large Sizes Available