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of the best bars that you can find with lovely bar girls in Pattaya.
Unlike Bangkok you don't
really find sidewalk bars
as you do just open air
basr  located off  the
sidewalks around Soi 7
and Soi 8.

Some of these bars are
so small they only sit a
few people. None of them
are airconditioned so it's
hot, hot hot. But plenty of
cold beer and few hot
girls. But it's very dark so
be careful.

These are typically older
girls mid 20's to 30's.

A few cute barmaids but
they don't all go out as
they have to actually run
the bar. There are girls
that sit on the stoold near
the sidewalk that dio their
best to entice you.

Most speak at least some
English so it canbe fun for
a beer and a little

However, I never met a
bar girl at the open air
bars young enough or
cute enough to take back
to my hotel.

I prefer the go-go girls on
Walking Street.
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